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quarry view1Who we are:

Greenfield Associates was established in 1993. We are a specialist geological and ground engineering consultancy providing services to the minerals, waste and construction industries.

We seek to develop long-term working relationships with our clients and to achieve a high level of repeat business by providing cost-effective work of a high technical and visual standard.

Our aim is to provide practical and cost-effective advice to enable operators and developers to maximise their economic, environmental and strategic performance. Our work ranges from initial geological investigations through to site development and full compliance with environmental and Health and Safety legislation.

Our full range of services is available throughout the UK. Our Minerals, Waste and Surveying activities are coordinated by our office in Keyworth, near Nottingham, whilst our Ground Engineering activities are coordinated by our office in Bath. See our ‘Contact Us’ pages for more information and contact details.

Latest News:

Mill Hill Quarry Proposals - The exhibition panels from the recent Public Consultation Exhibitions are available to view and download on the London Rock website

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What we specialise in:

  • land search
  • geological studies and field investigations
  • downhole geophysical logging (natural gamma)
  • resource evaluations
  • due diligence resource assessments
  • minerals planning applications
  • environmental impact assessments
  • 3D modelling, visualisations and fly-throughs
  • development of quarry working plans and tipping schemes
  • geotechnical assessments and consultancy
  • quarry restoration schemes
  • landfill design
  • PPC applications
  • landfill CQA
  • landfill environmental monitoring: gas, leachate and water
  • detailed topographic surveys
  • active quarry surveys
  • volumetric analysis
  • topographic surveys for flood risk assessments
Ground Engineering: Geotechnics and engineering geology
  • desk studies and site appraisals
  • site/ground investigations
  • geotechnical design of foundations
  • ground improvement
  • settlement and ground deformation analysis
  • deep excavations and basements
  • retaining wall design
  • slope stability analysis
  • ground soakage capacity and pavement design parameters
Ground Engineering: Contaminated land
  • phase 1 desk studies and preliminary risk assessments
  • conceptual site models
  • phase 2 contaminated land investigations
  • groundwater sampling and ground gas monitoring
  • contamination laboratory testing programmes
  • quantitative risk assessments: human health/controlled waters
  • remediation strategies and statements
  • validation sampling and completion reporting
  • construction spoil waste classification
  • regulatory negotiations and sign off